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HST ruling for private boat sales

The Boating Ontario Dealers Association has received a ruling from the Ministry of Revenue dated June 16, 2010 relating to the sale of boats between private individuals.  The five page ruling is attached.

The highlights of the ruling are:

  1. There is no HST on the sale of a boat between private individuals.
  2. There is an Ontario Retail Sales Tax on the sale in the amount of 13% (in lieu of the HST).
  3. When the license is changed from one owner to the next by the Federal Government, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will notify the Ontario Ministry of Revenue that the sale has taken place.
  4. Boating Ontario Dealer members acting strictly as brokers will not be required to collect the tax on a private sale between two individuals.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Al Donaldson - 705-549-1667
Jack Pady - 705-549-2628
Pat Sturgeon - 905-278-5100 


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